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Service Excellence

Standards of Behavior

These performance standards have been developed by the employees of Humboldt County Memorial Hospital to establish specific behaviors that exemplify our Service Excellence values. It is expected that all HCMH employees incorporate these behavior standards into their overall work performance.


We believe that each of us controls our own attitude and that what is important is not so much what happens to us, but how we choose to react to it. Therefore, along with my colleagues, we will take pride in this organization as if we own it and…

  • We will remember that the customer is not an interruption of our work—they are our reason for being here.
  • We will keep a sincerely good attitude by smiling, being friendly and courteous, and saying “please and thank you.”
  • We will not accept rudeness in any form.
  • We will act in a professional manner while “on stage”. Our appearance and actions reflect our competency and caring. We will not use profanity or profane gestures anywhere on the Hospital grounds.

Commitment to Co-workers (Teamwork)

“A team is comprised of individuals not necessarily equal in talent, but equal in commitment.” We believe that there must be a commitment to our co-workers in order to provide the best patient care. The commitment of helping each other results in a higher quality of care than we could have provided as individuals.

  • We will be flexible when faced with changes to work duties, environment, and schedules.
  • We will accept additional responsibilities. We will never say, “It’s not my job” or “we are short-staffed.”
  • When we make a mistake, we will admit it, learn from it so we don’t repeat it, and move on. We will remind each other of our Standards and accept corrections in a positive manner.
  • We will ask if we can help someone who needs it without being asked; and if we need help, we will not be afraid to ask for it.
  • We will work to create efficient and effective systems so that we do not spend our time repeatedly fixing problems.
  • We will not blame other departments when problems occur.
  • We will recognize and support the skills and abilities of others, in other words we will “Manage Up”.
  • We will discourage negative comments. If we identify a problem we will also help to identify a solution.
  • We will set aside personal differences while working.


We believe we must always treat all guests and co-workers with the utmost respect, dignity, courtesy and confidentiality. Therefore, along with my colleagues, …

  • We will display kindness and offer help, being courteous, honest and thoughtful in my interactions.
  • We will be punctual in meeting requests and needs, and being on time for work and meetings.
  • We promise to make eye contact, smile, and/or greet every individual we meet, using the individual’s name if we know it.
  • We will always display compassion and empathy for every patient and team member, regardless of their social, economic, or educational status for they come to us vulnerable – in need of our help. We will never criticize or use negative body language toward patients or team members.
  • We will keep personal conversations with other employees offstage, out of earshot of patients and visitors.
  • We will always knock before entering an office or patient room. We will respect others modesty and personal space by asking permission before acting.
  • We will respect each patient’s privacy through the full implementation of HIPAA to establish an atmosphere of dignity and confidentiality. Understanding that patient information should only be discussed between departments involved in their care.
  • We will be mindful of noise levels, for patients, visitors and coworkers.
  • We will treat each patient, visitor and co-worker with the same level of respect and compassion we wish for ourselves.

Customer Service

We believe that our reputation is determined by our service and that our work must be done with the intent of delighting our customers by exceeding their expectations. In order to provide great service to patients and physicians, …

  • We will wear our name badge everyday and display it so it is easy to be seen and read.
  • We will proactively greet patients and visitors and provide assistance if they appear to need directions or help of any kind. Whenever we provide directions, if possible, we escort patients and visitors to their destination.
  • We will practice Service Recovery. If we fail to meet a customer’s expectations, we will immediately acknowledge it, apologize for it, and personally be sure we make amends for it. We will take corrective action by implementing the Heart Form as the best method in service recovery.
  • We will always ask, as clinical or non-clinical staff, “Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the time,” before we leave any patient or visitor.
  • We will take the time to fully listen to each patient and visitor to allow for questions and feedback.
  • We will apologize for and explain any delay in service or care that is longer than 15 minutes, explain how long it is expected to take, and keep the customer updated within that timeframe.
  • We will anticipate the customer’s needs and questions by explaining what’s going to happen to the patient before it happens, how long it will take and what happens after we finish.
  • We will remember to thank patients for choosing Humboldt County Memorial Hospital.
  • We will complete test results for each patient and provide them to the physician quickly and efficiently. We will inform our patients so they know when test results will be completed and how they will be able to find out about the results.
  • We will always address the patient by name and properly check identification.
  • We will ensure continuity of care by reporting appropriate patient information to responsible caregivers.
  • We will follow up with discharge phone calls.
  • We will not blame, downgrade, or criticize another department in front of our customers, we will solve interdepartmental problems discreetly out of the view of the public.
  • Telephone etiquette: We will answer every departmental phone call in three rings or less and with a smile in our voice. When answering the phone, we will identify our department, our name, and ask how we may help the caller. We will ask callers before putting them on hold.

FUN—We believe we can and should have fun at work.

  • We will recognize, reward and celebrate our successes.
  • We will reward and recognize team members who participate in hospital activities that promote fun, involvement, and team building.
  • We will recognize that fun and laughter belong in the workplace; we will laugh out loud and not be afraid to laugh at ourselves.