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Humboldt County Memorial Hospital Statement of Philosophy

We believe it is the obligations of the hospital to develop a philosophy based on the comprehensive needs of our patients, community, and service area.

We believe the hospital must provide the best health care possible to the citizens of Humboldt County, and to others in need of care, regardless of race, color, creed, age or financial status.

We believe the hospital, through its trustees, has the obligation to make available the best physical facility and equipment it can provide through available resources, and to provide professional and competent personnel.

We believe in the contributions and ideas of our medical staff and employees utilizing multidisciplinary committees.

We believe a continuing program of inservice training and education must be maintained to give its employees an opportunity for personal advancement.

We believe the hospital, as a county health care facility, must develop its own resources to its maximum ability, should assume a leadership role in county wide planning for medical and health care facilities, and actively participate in area wide health care planning.

We believe continuing effort must be exerted in the solicitation of donations and monies needed for future growth and development of comprehensive medical and health care programs.

We believe the hospital through its trustees, has an obligation to approve qualified and conscientious medical staff members and to give them the cooperation and assistance necessary for their practice of good medicine.

We believe it is the responsibility of the administrator and associates to develop this broad philosophic framework, to establish the overall goals that are the points of ultimate achievement within the framework, and to delineate organizational objectives that are the accepted points of achievement and operation of the hospital.

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