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The Pharmacy Department at Humboldt County Memorial Hospital is responsible for all medications dispensed in the hospital. The staff consists of one pharmacist and a technician who take care all dispensing tasks for patients. Our pharmacy includes not only well-trained personnel, but the most modern equipment and computers to make certain that every patient receives the proper medication, in the right dose, and at the right time.

The pharmacist evaluates patient medication regimens as part of a team of medical professionals that includes the physicians, nurses, and other specialists and caregivers associated with Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. All medications a patient receives are carefully reviewed to make certain they are appropriate for the patient and the purpose that they are given. Our facility uses the most modern technology, including beside medication scanning, an automated dispensing system, and an electronic medication administration record.

Our goal is for patient medications to be effective, cost efficient, and, above all, safe with minimal side-effects. Our pharmacists are available to answer your medication questions either during your hospital stay or after discharge

We also provide medications, if requested, to the residents of our Long Term Care facility, in a safe, convenient, and cost-effective form.

Larry Hall, Pharmacist

1050 15th Street North, Humboldt, IA  50548

Phone (515)-332-4200