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Diabetes Education

Advanced Referral scenarios can include:

  1. A1C greater than 8%
  2. More than 50% of blood glucose readings out of goal
  3. Unexplained or frequent hypo/hyperglycemia
  4. New or worsening co-morbitities
  5. Planning pregnancy with diabetes
  6. Identifing barriers and management
  7. Change from oral medications to insulin
  8. Increase in complexity of medications for diabetes
  9. Smart meters or dosing calculators

Dietitian-provided Services:

  1. Diabetes and meal planning
  2. Complex dietary recommendations
  3. Weight loss
  4. Restricted diets
  5. Medical diagnosises that require specific meal planning along with diabetes meal planning

Times to be referred for Diabetes Education include:

  1. Newly diagnosied
  2. Yearly for updated information, change in medications, blood sugars and A1C out of goal, help with weight management, maintain positive outcomes, prevent long term complications
  3. New complicating factors: change in health conditions, steroid use, physical, emotional, or financial conflicts
  4. Transitions in care:  switch to new health insurance, moving to assisted care facility, age related changes

Jennifer DeWinter RN-BSN

Diabetes Educator

Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, Diabetes Center

1000 15th St N, Humboldt, IA  50548