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Urgent Response Program


The 27 members of the Ambulance Service at Humboldt County Memorial Hospital have implemented an Urgent Response program. Emergency calls that fall under the classification of "Urgent" emergencies will set off a response from not only the ambulance crew, but available "off call" EMS personnel as well. EMS personnel have been equipped with first response bags to respond to these calls. Those calls defined as "urgent emergency calls" include: chest pain, unconscious patient, probable high trauma, burns, motor vehicle collision with more than one patient, and any child emergencies. The system is highly organized with each EMT being able to establish radio contact with the Humboldt County Law Enforcement Center, the ambulance crew and the hospital. The ambulance department is leading the way to this concept and one of any to pride this type of volunteer service to their patients.

Vial of Life Program

 The department actively promotes the Vial for Life Program. Vials are given to the public free of charge at local events. The Vial for Life Program (download the Vial of Life form) is in conjunction with the department Urgent Response Program.

CPR Classes

Free CPR classes are offered to the public as an apart of the departments URGENT RESPONSE PROGRAM. The goal is to create a partnership with community to increase the survival rate of patients having a heart attack.

Volunteer Ambulance Service of the Year

The department recently received the Iowa EMS Associations Volunteer Service of the Year Award for 2012. We also have received the award in 2000 and 2002.

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